We base our value on a system based on the satisfaction of our customers with the most qualified engineers with experience of 25 years in the industry and relying on our alliances with partners who share our commitment to service excellence.

With an innovative vision, always with a view to becoming a reference of quality and service to our customers, starting in 2014, ECNdecided to focus our efforts on strategic lines of business focusing onthe Energy and Oil & Gas industries, taking into consideration the growing market potential because of the energy reform and the constant evolution of companies seeking continuous improvement based on sustainability.





Contribute solutions that increase the value of the industrial processes of our customers through a global and innovative company, committed to personal and professional development of its human capital.



for a sustainable world


We seek to take action to protect the environment, promote the optimization of resources and recycling processes. That is why under this directive we support by implementing our programs Energy Saving and Recycling Plastic, Cardboard and Aluminum. We also participate in Earth Hour as a unique event in the year.



Business Ethics


We have the commitment to reinforce best practices through rules, mandatory standards and our values as a team. We have a program of values that run through reflections and activities for each of our employees also displayed in our Corporate Induction taught to every new employee. We also follow the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of ECN.


Community development


We are looking to promote the commitment to meet the expectations of stakeholders and the responsibility for the community progress through our company guideline for community development that we call “Cuentaconmigo”. We welcome the opportunity to support institutions as foundations in our different branches of the country, like in-kind or financial support without putting aside the smiles that we can leave on who are most in need.