ECN specialists have the ability and experience to collaborate with your group of engineers to bring improvements in your production processes that achieve positive impacts.

  • PlantPAx Systems
  • Integration based on S-88
  • Mining Processes
  • Food and Beverage Processes
  • Water Treatment Processes
  • Integrated Architecture
  • Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Instrumentation Processes
  • Field Network
  • Advanced Programming


The biggest savings in an investment project is to achieve results in the shortest time possible, reducing the implementation period and move in to the production phase with the benefits arising rapidly. ENC in its 25 years of experience in instrumentation and process automation has capitalized on best practices to implementation in such projects using a methodology called ProjectDone® which takes the bases of PMI®, Theory of Constraints, Agile Management and our specialty to ensure early star ups of up to 20% savings in runtime.





  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Risk analysis and stakeholders
  • Communication plan
  • Management of teams
  • Management of scope, time, changes, budget
  • Quality Control
  • Close

The project management methodology based on PMI® ensures the best results and customer satisfaction.



  • DTI
  • Architecture
  • Control Loops
  • Specification
  • Control Room
  • Panel Engineering
  • Electrical Control Engineering
  • CCM’S
  • Networks, Instrumentation, Control and Communication
  • Cabling and Wiring Routes









  • Functional Description
  • Driver Configuration
  • Generation Program
  • Simluation Program
  • Generation of animation mimics
  • Alarms
  • Historical and reports
  • Network Configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Training