BalMet Online is a system for the optimization of concentration plants. It consists of a controller function library for modeling real-time process, based on the laws of conservation of mass and energy.



  • Grinding
  • Flotation


  • Adding ball
  • Adding reagents
  •  Adding water
  • Grain size
  • Power consumption
  • Circulating load

Online reports

  • Punctual
  • Weekly
  • Monthly







Embedded control systems and real-time simulation

The innovative proposal BalMet Online is a technology platform based on the Rockwell control systems, allowing you to feed your instrument online algorithms generating a model and simulation of the process in real time, producing pulp and water balance of the plant.

Native integration of control and optimization systems for grinding and flotation processes

Thanks to the technological platform, integration into control systems of any plant is simple, either directly or through the use of OPCs. Using this integration, BalMet optimization modules are responsible for sending optimized set points to the control system of the plant.

It generates properties database of the entire process of grinding and flotation

By analyzing field instruments, integration of readings modeled and calculating online properties BalMet Online generates a database of properties in the areas of milling and flotation plant.

Intuitive, scalable and configurable for any plant

The BalMet Online instruction manual is designed to be configurable and adjustable to any plant, its database allows for easy integration of new equipment and tools and the visualization library repeats these same characteristics.

Generates reports online

Thanks to the database that BalMet Online generates integrating historisation systems, it is possible to query the operational state enabling the analysis of productivity and bottlenecks in the process.