The food industry and beverage is undergoing profound changes due to new trends seeking positive impact in areas such as nutritional patterns of the population, quality and food safety, adaptation to specific populations such as seniors, youth, women, and demands for new sensations.







ECN collaborates with you to help you get products with the quality and safety that customers expect, maintaining compliance with our calibration services (EMA and ACLASS), increasing plant productivity by reducing production costs.

With our leading brand, Endress + Hauser, we offer a full range of solutions for measuring flow, level, temperature, pressure and analysis, approved by the 3-A, FDA and EHEDG, specifically designed and manufactured to meet all global requirements related to food safety and reliability in the food and beverage industry.






Boiler Control

Upgrading Cluster control valves

Monitoring energy consumption (AGAVE)

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Air
  • Vapor
  • Electricity

Formulating Recipes – Batch System (ISA S88)


  • • Leak detection of NH3, CO2, LPG, Natural Gas

Bottle Washers

  • Control of sosa, temperature and level of compartments
  • Dosing additives
  • Speed control
  • Modernization of the bottle washers control system

Bottle Pasteurizer

  • Temperature irrigation / level compartments


  • Autoflush (operating efficiency)
  • CO2 measurement, Beer
  • CIP System

Palletizers / Depalletizers

  • Updating palletizer control system




Success Stories

Project: Cervecerías Barú-Panamá, S.A. (Heineken Group)

Location: Panamá City                     Year: 2014

Overview: A Crown bottle Washer line, at a South American brewery, was not equipped with modern automation control systems. All of its logic functions ran through a set of Relays, electrical timers, isolated temperature controllers and indication only instrumentation.

This was causing frequent loss of time during unforeseen shutdowns, quality control complexity and a high chemical consumption , causing unnecessary energy waste and loss of productivity at the line.

Scope: To Increase the efficiency of a bottle washer through the modernization of the control system (Upgrade the old washer control cabinet based on relays to a Programmable Automation controller system for secure and automatic operation of the washer).


ControlLogix 1756-L56 Processor
Ethernet Communications Card
ControlNet Communication Card
Ethernet Switches
Flex IO Remote IO modules and accessories
Endress & Hauser Instrumentation
Panel View Plus 1500 Graphic Terminals


Ing. Héctor Ledezma
Egineering & Maintenance Manager