Impact Finder is a system of analysis and processing of sound signals to detect impacts, filling level estimation, ore particle size and power prediction for real-time optimization of the process of grinding in SAG and ball mills.



Detects intensity of noise in mills

  • High sensitivity

Sound relationship with internal variables in mills

  • Characterization of filling level
  • Characterization of internal grain size
  • Calculating waterfall angle
  • Adding ball

Power Forecast

  • Detection responsible variables

Impact Detection

  • Counts direct impacts to internal mill lining






Enables power optimization

By predicting power consumption, which is based on the characterization of the internal variables of the mill, the system recognizes the most influential factors and can correct unwanted states.

It increases the lifetime of the liners and lifters

Detection of impacts on the hull of the mill triggers a speed control, feedstock and addition of ball which seeks to gauge the angle of the waterfall in real time.

Detects undesirable operating states

By analyzing the noise level in dB mills it is possible to detect clear trends of packings and lack of mineral in SAG mills, relating high noise levels with lack of mineral and low levels with packings.

Feed the accuracy of modeled BalMet Online

Feeding readings from ImpactFinder to BalMet Online system allows you to adjust the simulation results and balance sheet optimization instructions like adding water and ball.