There are some plants currently running with obsolete control systems, thus making the costs to retrofit and upgrade the systems very high and nonexistent support.With over 8 years of experience, highly qualified staff and infrastructure to optimally perform any complete system migration.




Migration efficiency by

Latest Technology, with technical support and local distribution.

Performing a reliable migration procedure to perform smooth and seamless transition for DSC, minimizing the down time of operation.

Performing project management applying our methodologyProjectDone® which is based on PMI®. Concluding your migration project on time, cost and budget.





Migratio Process


Replacing control stations (no plant shutdown). Each of the graphs of the previous application is migrated and adapted new.

The graphics are adapted with the animation. We create a global objects library in FT View as a symbols for an easy and quick introduction to the new control screens. The new graphic resides in a FT View work station. Result:

  • Updated graphics.
  • Familiarized Display and Operation.
  • Update hardware, which provides better communication capabilities.



Interoperability of modules and I / O controllers (no plant shutdown):

  • New I / O modules and required drivers are installed to replace the monitoring network for an open, high-speed (Ethernet I / P) network.
  • The controller functions will be replaced on State of-the-art Logix controller in a superior multitasking.
  • Control strategies in the new driver will be visible and editable substantially in the same manner as in the previous platform.




Total replacement of DCS (partial plant shutdowns with controlled risk). At this stage we transfer control function between the obsolete DCS to the new DCS PlantPAx implementing a controlled stop, reducing the risk of migration to a minimum.

All capabilities of the new DCS PlantPAx will exceed the obsolete DCS. Total replacement of DCS, power configurations will be equal or superior.











Benefits of Migration your control system with ECN

  • Product supported by the outstanding local support of major manufacturers.
  • Open and Integrated architecture for increased flexibility.
  • Reusingthe engineering practices to reduce the cost of development time.
  • Maximizing performance of existing assets (Equipment Hart, Profibus, Fieldbus, Ethernet, etc).
  • Control and monitoring improved.
  • Reliability of cutting-edge technology and readily available on the market.
  • Faster response to customer and market demand.
  • Easy access to plant and production data systems for better decision-making.