SuiteMet is the integration of ECN products dedicated to the optimization of grinding and flotation processes. SuiteMet consists ofinstruments specialized in measuring key process variables such as Impact Finder which analyses mills noise, UD-Line dispenses reagents and FrothMeteranalyzes bubble flotation cells, which are ableto increase the potential of the instrumentBalMet online as a system optimizer.



BalMet Online is a system for the optimization of concentration plants. It consists of a controller function library for modeling real-time process, based on the laws of conservation of mass and energy.Learn more>



UD-Line is a robust dosage system, which integrates to the flow reagent measurement, allowing the recording of statistical data of dosage and enabling the operational intelligence necessary for the progressive optimization of the flotation process. Learn more >




Vision system analyzing bubbles in flotation cells for measuring variables as spillage rate, bubble size, and color stability.Learn more >



Impact Finder is a system of analysis and processing of sound signals to detect impacts, filling level estimation, ore particle size and power prediction for real-time optimization of the process of grinding in SAG and ball mills.  Learn more >