Ultimo Density Meter


The Ultimo Density Meter is ideally suited for those applications where nuclear has, until now, been the reluctantly used and only non-invasive option.

The Ultimo Density Meter: A Cost Eff­ective, High Performance Alternative to Nuclear Densitometers.

Years in development and ­field tested on fi­ve continents, Ultimo Percussion technology is quickly becoming the method of choice for abrasive, caustic and high solids content material and where the regulatory environment over nuclear is burdensome.

In addition to superior measurement accuracy, 100% uptime and unmatched stability, the Ultimo Non-invasive Density Meter will also allow a facility to signifi­cantly reduce overhead spending year after year.

The costs and expenses of maintaining an inventory of nuclear units can be signifi­cant over time. The need for frequent recalibration of these analog-based, legacy devices is more common than not. It is such a common practice that it is often overlooked as a time-consuming regular maintenance regimen. While the strength of the nuclear source material declines over time, the cost to maintain them continues to accumulate. In some cases a facility may spend multiples of their original cost to just maintain them and be sure that the measurements are reliable, as the fi­rst graph illustrates.

The second graph was drawn from real data in a customer’s 6-month evaluation of the Ultimo Density Meter. This evaluation was made to compare the measurement performance of the Ultimo Density Meter versus an existing nuclear meter on the same process line and against actual physical samples. Note how the Ultimo Density Meter more closely and accurately follows the dry samples that were analyzed in their laboratory. During the entire evaluation period the nuclear meter needed to be calibrated several times while the Ultimo Density Meter did not. The confi­dence provided by the Ultimo Density Meter allows a plant to reduce the frequency of physical sample-taking and thereby divert the time, spending and other resources to other aspects of its optimization strategy.



Sample Graph